Call For submissions

Call For submissions:

We are looking for fiction by women in the Middle East. We want stories that hover around the idea of being nomads, about the idea of shift, of movement, of transition, and are excited to see what you come up with. You are free to interpret this in any way you like.

For the purposes of this anthology, we are seeking work from women living in the Middle East, Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey.

We want short stories of up to 4500 words (one at a time). Flash pieces are welcome (1-3 in one attachment, each separately labeled).
No genre fiction please.

You can submit your stories at:
You can also find us @nomandsanthology on Twitter or on Facebook

Thank you for your support; we look forward to receiving your work.

Catch up, slow down

When things get rolling, they really do! It had been an intense few weeks, what with our play “The Royal Shakespeareans present Romeo and Juliet” winning Best play for Audience Choice at the Short and Sweet festival, and us being asked to do follow up performances around town.  The rejections keep pouring in but the summer is also set with Kenyon and Tin house conferences…and an ambitious and silly me signed up to direct Chekhov’s “The proposal” for an evening of short plays in April.  Then there was that TV discussion panel about writing and reading and Pakistan!

Did I mention that real life didn’t go away while all this was happening?

But writing time has been little.  And the thoughts abundant. Time to pull up those sleeves and try to slow down a little.