I’m writing. But man, it’s kicking my ass


From the Schooner

A new gig. yay.


Why Fall is the new Spring


This is what Autumn looks like:

First, an idea or two floats in and settles. Disturbs the brain still warm from the sluggish chugging of summer, still trying to process everything gathered over the past few months.  Then, a few more ideas appear, settling like leaves on the forest floor. The landscape, so far heavy and laden with ambition starts clearing.  A crispness enters the air.  More ideas. The movements, too, become brisk. The light feels brighter. And more and more ideas fall, float, find their way in.  Suddenly, one day, the view has changed outside the window and there is nothing but sunlight glinting off the gold. Nothing but inspiration, waiting for me to put on my boots and go walking, feeling the crunch underneath my feet.

Didja miss me? Didja? Didja?

And, I’m sort of back.

Well, this is one of those definitional things.  Back could really mean more like Hey, I logged in again.  Or back could mean Hey, I’m brimming with ideas and ready to go. 

Meanwhile, check out what my friends over at Potomac Review have been up to this summer. Includes a juicy little look at Julie Wakeman-Linn’s interview from The Review Review. Julie, by the way, would be the person who brought me into the fold and I’m still sorting through slush piles nine years later!

More later.